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We meet with you to sit down and go over floorplans, at this time we discuss all the different options, styles and designs of homes, interior choices, color selections ect., getting it just the way you want it. We can act as the general contractor for you and do a turn key construction or you can choose to have your own foundation put in. We work with you to meet your needs because we understand every situation is different.

Once your floor plan is sent off and ordered it is typically returned in roughly 7 days, this is the preliminary drawing. We will meet with you to review the drawing and make any additional changes at this time, once everything is just the way you want it we will sign this print.Your home will then be scheduled a production date and an offline date which is about 4 weeks from the sign of the print.
In the meantime your foundation is being installed and the home is scheduled for delivery, we will have someone from our set up crew inspect the foundation. Once it is approved your home is delivered to job site, set on the foundation and completed. Completion of the home will take on average 2-6 weeks depending on the size of your home and what we are contracted to do.
I think the key to what sets us apart from others is we do what works best for each individual client’s needs. We will do a final walk-through list with you nearing the end of onsite construction and you even have the security of a full 1 year warranty.

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