Bob & Martha Pence

June 24, 2024

We have lived in our Chateau Home for over two years now and are extremely happy with our decision to go with a manufactured home over a stick built.

Marla was very patient and helpful throughout the process from choosing a plan to making all the choices that have to be made from the type of siding down to the door knobs. Chateau Homes’ crews were always professional and helpful. Especially Robert!

Talk about patient! We are pretty picky and Robert never batted an eye or made us feel that we were being unreasonable. We lived in our last home for over 30 years, so this was a new experience for us. I love the self-closing drawers feature on the cabinets and I feel the quality of the cabinets is top-notch. Chateau Homes delivered on everything they promised and returned whenever asked to make any warranty repairs.

We love our new home and strongly recommend Chateau Homes!

Bob & Martha Pence

Tim Anderson

June 24, 2024

As Simon Sinek describes in his video on airlines customer service clerk who provide empathy with a flyer that wanted to return home early from a business trip – it is all about being heard!

I’ve seen and heard hundreds to VHA staff listening to our Veterans while proving service to our heroes that served.

My bride and I recently experienced a completely positive experience with a couple of local companies. Chateau Homes and Southern Boone County Contracting staff have heard our concerns for the last 6 months as our home was built and completed. Too often we make judgments only on the advice of friends or social media. Our experience with Chateau and SBCC was first class customer service. These companies listened to and hear every one of our concerns as demonstrated by closed loop feedback and actions that exceeded our expectations.

We had an amazing experience with these two companies! The customer service was top-notch, and the product exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality construction and excellent service. Their service is marked by efficiency and punctuality. Working with them has completely changed our view of post pandemic customer service. We were impressed by their commitment to going the extra mile. In spite of “tight” labor market and challenges finding skilled craftsman these companies provided excellent communication for 6 months.

Fast forward to 2024 as we purchased a home from Chateau Homes in Ashland Missouri and an our outstanding experience with Chateau Homes and Southern Boone Construction company. This is a true one stop shop to a new home. Marla is great to work with effective communication including honesty when she has to go find an answer. We strongly recommend anyone looking for a new home to go to Chateau. Sometimes skilled worker in healthcare or construction will seem to “talk down” to customers. These two companies never talked down to us, They were also providing explanations.

Often skilled workers do not take the time to explain an approach but the SBCC crew are so careful taking the time to describe the “why” it truly makes the customer feel VIP treatment. Too often service industry staff and so stretched they do not take time to explain but this is NOT so with SBCC. These workers are exceptional craftsmen and communicators.

Our new home was completed in late March in spite of sporadic weather including rain and freezing. Our new home required a couple of minor repairs including damaged piece of siding and one piece of crown molding that were ordered to ensure replacements with an exact match. This type of attention to details was reflected in every task by Southern Boone and Chateau. Sean exhibited this attention to detail as he worked to stain the baseboards and Shannon with his extreme detail to excavation and concrete work. The insulation sub-contractor finished the spray foam this week and like every other group they were very communicative with professionalism.

The Southern Boone and Chateau skilled work was not limited to individuals. The effective teamwork in the construction of our new home was seen during pre-work, set-up, and completion. The foundation was excavated during a warm spell in February. The team realized the warm temperatures would not last – the team worked like a synchronized champion team to complete the required construction during the warm spell.

The staff from Southern Boone and Chateau displayed quality excellence throughout the 2 months constructing our new home. The staff’s experiential learning was shared with answers to all our questions. The staff never had us feeling dismissed or uninformed, instead staff always answered our questions based on the knowledge from years of experience.

Throughout this adventure my wife and I never felt pressured or rushed. The Chateau and Southern Boone staff displayed the patience and support beyond any of our expectations.

Tim Anderson

Ian & Kimberly Wilson

June 24, 2024

My wife and I had been given the run around by several other places. We had been lied to, forgotten, and told that we were just out of luck. We had jumped through many hoops, paid good money to people who were never going to help us, and were watching the dream of our forever home slowly become a nightmare.

We had the land free and clear, a particular design that we wanted, and all the information needed to build the place we knew we would be for the rest of our lives. But getting someone to work with us without trying to make it a bad experience seemed impossible.

But it was when I was driving through Ashland, Missouri that I saw Chateau Homes, that I asked my wife if we try once again. We met with a Marla, and showed her all of the information we had to work with. She was surprised by how much we had already chosen, and how close we were to completing our goals. We told her the horror stories of our prior experiences with other places, and how we had been treated.

She saw that all we needed was someone who had the ability, and professionalism to treat us like real people, not customers. It took a very short amount of time to get the ball rolling that cold rainy winter day. It was before the first day of spring that construction began.

Each day my wife and I would take a peek at the property to see what changes had taken place, our excitement growing. Marla, her husband and all the people at Chateau Homes worked hard and came through for my wife and I.

I am now typing this from my desk, in my perfect writing room, in our new home. Here is where I plan to create several more published works. My wife has a large in home office that more than suits her work needs. We both enjoy the large customized bookcases that is in our living room. The compliments on the home keep coming from our family and friends.

What we liked the most about our experience was the level of professionalism, and the way we were treated like real people, and not just another customer. I would definitely recommend anyone who has a dream of owning a home to pay Marla a visit. You will be, if anything, treated better than just another customer.

Ian & Kimberly Wilson